Product News

  • Siecap and Minset’s Improvement Program, a game changer for clients

    Brisbane-based companies Siecap and Minset have announced that they are joining forces with the aim of ‘closing the performance gap’ to deliver sustainable cost improvements to clients. The partnership of s... more
  • Keeping workplaces safe with Alcolizer Technology

    One in 10 Australian employees say they have been affected by a colleagues use of alcohol or drugs in the workplace resulting in lost productivity, involvement in an accident or near miss, or having to work ext... more
  • Reanimation of a diesel pipeline in Singapore’s port

    An underwater transport pipeline between Jurong refinery and Pesek tank terminal in Singapore’s port had been shut down in 2011: An inspection revealed that the pipe’s remaining wall thickness was too thin ... more
  • Efficient and effective artificial intelligence seismic interpretation

    Seismic interpretation is crucial to mapping subsurface geological structures, understanding petroleum systems, and identifying geological risk associated with recovery. Since the late 1940’s, Geoscience A... more
  • Matrix becomes exclusive local distributor of corrosion protection coatings in Australasia

    Matrix Composites & Engineering Ltd (ASX:MCE, “Matrix” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has entered into a binding agreement with Acotec, a Belgian-based coatings technology company, to e... more
  • Tracerco secures first baseline subsea inspection project for a new pipelay development

    Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, has recently been awarded a deep-water subsea inspection project to assess the integrity of a new pipelay in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). As a method of ensuring maximum v... more

Prosafe SE: Update on financial situation and process with lenders

Prosafe refers to the information on its financial status and process with lenders that was provided in the Q4 2019 report published on 6 February 2020, as well as previous update on lender discussions provided on 14 January 2020 and 13 February 2020. The previously reported temporary payment deferrals and waivers of certain identified defaults under the company's USD 1,300 million and USD 288 million facilities have now expired. However, the company's discussions with its lenders remain constructive and the efforts to create and agree a long-term solution and runway continue. Pending conclusions of these dis... more

Liberty Industrial highlights the importance of safe and sustainable asset decommissioning

Decommissioning has recently become an increasingly significant issue in the petroleum sector. One of the greatest challenges facing the industry is the decommissioning of existing infrastructure. Owners of oil and gas facilities have a duty of care which enforces the responsible handling of infrastructure from construction to final disposal. As operators continue to gain understanding of the importance of the end-of-life of these developments, the issues surrounding decommissioning are being acknowledged and progressively assessed. Furthermore, being conscious of the complexities involved in the decomm... more

Liberty Industrial retain exclusive rights to cutting edge demolition simulation and modelling technology

Liberty Industrial will remain the exclusive Australian licence holder for Extreme Loading for Structures demolition modelling and simulation software in 2020. Extreme Loading for Structures Software, developed by Applied Science International, is a unique simulation technology for three dimensionally modelling and analysing the demolition of structures.  As the exclusive Australian agent for Applied Sciences International, Liberty Industrial are able to model structures and simulate proposed demolition methodologies prior to the execution of the demolition. The software enables Liberty Industrial to mode... more

Flinders Port Holdings launches major new warehousing and distribution business

Flinders Ports Holdings (FPH), a leading port owner, operator and logistics specialist, has today announced the launch of a new subsidiary, Flinders Warehousing and Distribution (FWD). The company has recently commenced operations at Outer Harbor, the international gateway for South Australia. Located adjacent to the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal (FACT), FWD provides fully integrated supply chain services including warehousing, distribution and seamless access to rail and road transportation services. The company has the capacity to handle all cargo types including out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo, standar... more

Pro-Visual Publishing collaborate with Oil & Gas industry in Safety Guide launch

Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) and the Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training (ACEPT) has proudly released the latest edition of the Augmented Reality (AR) Oil, Gas & Pipeline Guide to Workplace Safety 2019/20, distributed free of charge Australia wide. The wall-mountable printed Guide is to be displayed in a place where workers will be viewing it on a daily basis. Ensuring safety in the Oil, Gas and Pipeline Industry is critical as injury and fatality chances are high, therefore it is vital for managers to protect their employees a... more

Offshore supply vessel company to offer unique high-speed internet access

Leading Offshore supply vessel operator adds dedicated bandwidth charterer service agreement to fleet-wide Fleet Xpress renewal contract commitment Maersk Supply Service has reconfirmed its commitment to Fleet Xpress, in a three-year contract extension which also sees one of the world’s largest offshore support vessel operators among the first companies to sign up to Inmarsat’s new dedicated bandwidth service for charterers. Deployed off Europe, the Americas, West Africa, South East Asia and Australia, 40 Maersk Supply Service vessels include some of the most modern anchor handler... more

Game-changing advances turn the tide on convention

Leveraging proven technology and extensive knowledge, MacGregor’s new fibre-rope offshore crane offers enhanced load handling at unrestricted water depths. Industry change is driven by many factors. Legislation is often the largest push, but second to that is the development of new technologies. Some of these deliver small step-changes; others significantly alter the landscape and change the previous limitations of an industry. With the low-hanging fruit already picked, the offshore oil and gas industry has, for a number of years now, been pushing to explore the harder-to-reach reserves found in deep an... more